First things first

A month or so ago, Augustinas had the idea that we could put our food obsession and creativity to good use. He cooks and bakes, I enjoy creativity and language, and we both spend the vast majority of our time eating out at restaurants and cafes around Sheffield, so why not combine forces on this blog! We love the independent Sheffield scene, being part of such a creative city of makers and entrepreneurs is inspiring and gives us a great way to spend our free time.
There are two people creating this blog, so I’ll give you a little introduction to both of us… I’m Ellie, a 22 year old graduate currently looking for my next creative challenge.

I studied English Language and Linguistics at Univeristy, so I’m pretty interested in words, their meaning and writing down thoughts and ideas!

Augustinas is a 26 year old pharmacist with a passion for cycling, cooking, travel and photography, but I’m sure he’ll write more about that stuff at a later date!

On top of all that, we love travelling and culture. So we promise a few treats that are non food related. Maybe you’ll like it! Who knows!


Basically we’re going to be covering all things food – from recipes, to reviews, to what we’re up to across our travels! This is a bit of a work in progress but we hope you stick around and enjoy.

Ellie 🍓😘

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