Porridge & Spin

Hi! I am not great at writing blog posts, but I would really like to share stuff that we do! So I promise to improve my writing skills. So here it goes!

Cycling and nutrition is a thing I constantly try to improve on. A lot of cyclists wake up in the morning, slam a few slices of toast and shoot off. I did try that. Didn’t work for me. I do acknowledge that bread gives you quite a lot of energy, but the discomfort of being bloated just doesn’t do it. The type of bread… well that is a whole different story, but Ellie will talk you through it in the future.

My solution is something a bit lighter, but similar in nutrition – fruity porridge. It is completely up to you what you put in it, but the porridge itself can vary between oats to semolina. Free your mind!

For most days I tend to have an intense run-around. So time is precious. Come back home 6:30pm, 15min to change into cycling gear and have food and 3 hours of daylight left for cycling.

I have the porridge, quickly boiled in milk and add raspeberries, blueberries or bananas (completely up to you) and you can add something extra like cinnamon or Croatian honey that Ellie bought me on her trip!

This will take you around 15min to eat, just keep in mind that your body will only start feeling it after about 30min.

That day I did 66km, covering some beautiful sites and climbs in Peak District. Porridge lasted me fully through the trip, with a few musli bars to top it up.

Here is Strava to prove it!


I am not saying that you need to buy a bike, start living crazy, not eating anything that has a shadow, but give it a shot, it will improve stuff. You’ll see!


  • Plain Semolina (5 table spoons)
  • Milk – any type (around 300ml)
  • Rasberries, strawberries, bananas or anything else you like.
  • cinnamon, honey (optional)


Boil the milk for a few minutes on medium heat then slowly start adding semolina. When finished you need to continue on mixing, otherwise semolina starts burning at the bottom and that really sucks. Chop the fruit into the bowl and mix it up with porridge! Tadaaam! Don’t forget to make a brew with it. And this is what you get!

Buon Appetito! Augustinas 😅

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