Belly of the Easter

It is a little bit of a throwback to Easter, but I thought that it might be worth writing about this.

I have been in England for almost 7 years now, but coming from the east, I never experienced the same Easter meal as I would back home.

You know, that one, like Christmas. Where belts are loosened and snoozing is your main mode.

Well, back where I am from, people are quite into Easter and a little bit religious, but more into eating. So this year I decided that Ellie needs to experience it.

This is what it looks like. Simple. Most families would make way larger and more variety of meals, but it was only me and Ellie. And that was more than enough.

Since it is a partially religious thing, my mother and grandmother would always have wine and rye bread on the table. Always. So I thought it would be a nice touch to continue the tradition.

Important aspect – Easter nest. Kids would prepare the nest for Easter Grandma (or Bunny) to bring presents to. That would be chocolates, sweets, small presents, nothing grandiose like Christmas. So this year “Easter Grandma” got Ellie coasters , tiny egg pots and loooooads of chocolates. spoiled! p.s I really nailed the nest this year!

This is probably my favourite part. Painting eggs. Believe it or not, completely natural. Because all you use is onion peel. Leave them in water throughout the night. Onion peel wrapped around the egg in an old nylon sock and then you boil it. Nylon sock is mainly to keep everything intact and to allow patern to develop from pressure. This is the natural patern and colour that peel releases!

There are variety of games you can play with these. Like king of Easter, where kids try to collect as many eggs possible or Strongest Easter egg, where everyone competes with their champion eggs. I suppose when people had no blogs, they had to be creative 😂

Medeira cake was a smooth addition to dessert selection, as it goes well with any hot drink and it is not too filling as chocolate would be. Made this in around 30min preparation time and 50min baking time. Cheap and cheerful. Usually this is replaced by panettone, but this year something different. V60 wasn’t planned, just something to drink while making the medeira.

And of course – the main course. Bunny rabbits. Very easy to make. Meat of your choice. Mine was pork and beef, mixed with bread, eggs, onion, basil, oregano and done. Form a bunny, layer it with egg yolk and shoot in for an hour and you are done. Veggies are your choice as well, just pick the ones that are friends with oven! Don’t forget to use your hands. Adds more love.

You can add anything you want to this. It’s your choice. Maybe something like Olivier salad. Ellie loved it. But most importantly, make sure you have friends and family around you to share it, or if you know who is alone during holidays, invite them over!

Hope you enjoyed this, if you want recipies, send me a message and I will guide you.

Augustinas 😅😛

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