Sunday Brunching at The Cabin – pancake, waffle & coffee house

Hi all – Ellie here!

Time for our first review of eating out in Sheffield and we’re starting with the brunch classic – pancakes and waffles! Sunday morning is one of the few days Augustinas has off work, so what better way to chill out than to sleep in, walk through sunny (occasionally) Sheffield and grab brunch just the two of us.

We always make an effort to try places we haven’t been before, as neither of us are fans of repeating meals or going to the same places time and time again. I always have a list of places on my phone that I spot whilst out and think oooh we need to try there! I’m not sure we’ll ever get round to trying all the places we want to.

This week’s cafe of choice was The Cabin, a pancake, waffle and coffee house that is located in the Moor end of the city centre. We have walked past it hundreds of times, but after a recent recommendation from one of Augustinas’ friends, we gave it a go.

**cue cheesy photo of me stood outside said pancake and waffle house**

As we went at 11:30 on a Sunday morning, it was packed out, with a small wait to be seated. The staff were super friendly in welcoming us and had us sat down quicker than expected given the amount of people in there.

For the decor – think cosy wood cabin with lots of gifts on shelves and signs over the walls. A black bear welcomes you – a nice nod to their Canadian influences. The tables around us were filled with families, couples, and a surprising amount of guy friends brunching! It felt homely and easy.

The menu is pretty varied. You have your key options at the top – pancakes and waffles with a good variety of sweet and savoury toppings. If you fancy bagels, they’ve got you covered with 7 varieties to eat in or takeaway. It’s very American/Canadian and I think that fills a niche that Sheffield doesn’t really cover in terms of brunch places. We went for pancakes with Nutella and strawberries, and waffles with peanut butter and banana. Super healthy, obviously 😉

So… I have to be a bit more negative now (boo!)

We ordered at the till, and then had to wait around 45 minutes for our food to arrive. They were busy, so we didn’t mind being patient, but we both agreed that for the plates of food that came out, it seemed quite a length of time. The food is made fresh, which is great, but I think the overall experience could be improved by making that wait just a little bit less.

Nevertheless, the food delivered what it promised. Fresh, tasty pancakes/waffles with a little milk jug of traditional Canadian maple syrup (delicious). The pancakes were really fluffy and tasted v good. This is a lot heavier than the food we usually eat, and I felt completely stuffed afterwards. In a good way, though.

Overall, pretty happy! The decor and vibe of the place was nice, warm and friendly. The menu offered a lot and the food itself was simple yet tasty. Lots of sugar and carb-y goodness for a lazy Sunday! Long wait aside, The Cabin offers a great brunch alternative to your usual hipster vibe that is prevalent in Sheffield (not slating that though, if there’s anything we love, it’s a hipster cafe).


Ooh – side note! Walking back home from The Cabin, we stopped by Division Street and popped into Moonko. Got this adorable hanging plant which is now pride of place in the new house-share I’ve moved into. Moonko is a genuinely lovely shop and if you’re looking for plants or prints for your home, it’s a great place to kit yourself out and support local business.

Please comment / share / let me know what you think! Reach out and let us know what your favourite cafe or brunch places are.

Byeeee 🙂



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