Eve’s Kitchen 


Sharrow Vale Road is no stranger to amazing independent eateries – and we’ve tried a fair few. Nestled in amongst your deli’s, restaurants and pizzerias, is probably the most heavenly doughnut shop and artisan cafe you will find in Sheffield. Eve’s Kitchen is a beautiful place to stop and indulge. It’s small, cosy and wonderfully simple. The lady behind Eve’s Kitchen is Lauren Eve, and she bakes the doughnuts fresh every morning and they are open until they are sold out (I love that!)

Seriously, check it out…

We first stopped by this place when we were looking for coffee on a grey mid-week morning. The cafe was pretty much empty when we arrived, except for Lauren, the owner, who was sat with a coffee. It genuinely felt like being at a friend’s house, as she told us of how she developed the business from running stalls at food events to opening her own shop. Every time I’ve visited since, the staff have all been equally lovely – and they can talk you through the flavours of the day with care and expertise.

Every day they have a selection of different flavoured doughnuts, which change with seasonal ingredients, with a few staple classics mixed in. We couldn’t make our minds up, so went for a taste of three.

Look at his face! So much excitement!

The flavours pictured are:

Orange and pistachio

Vanilla bean custard

Plum and cinnamon glaze (holy crap – this was amazing!)

The coffee is really good quality as well. I love the fact they keep it simple, it really works and there is no need to over-complicate doughnuts and coffee. I tell all my friends and family about Eve’s Kitchen; for me, it is one of the nicest sweet-treat places there is!

Highly recommended! Check it out and let me know what you think.

@eve.kitchen // www.evekitchen.co.uk


Ellie 🙂

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