Something Special? Akentannos.

One summery afternoon me and Ellie went out for a walk and as usual we came back through Sharrow Vale road. We love that road – it’s where the most relaxing and soul warming places are. It was down there that we spotted Akentannos. I am not experienced in writing reviews, but I can tell you what I felt.

Home. There was something about that place. Where everyone was talking over each other, laughing and enjoying their meals, yet nobody was bothered about the ruckus.

True Italian style I would say. But as the chef said, they don’t consider themselves Italian. They are Sardinian.

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Mario and Giovanna from Akentannos say ”simple cuisine makes the home great”. That is very true, but their cuisine and tiny restaurant was far from simple.

And by tiny I mean 7 tables, with a bar and a kitchen that you can see from your table. The restaurant itself would not attract everyone’s eye, but that is the whole point. The tables had the right cutlery, wine glasses ready, the table cloth was fresh. Basically, the minimum for what a nicer restaurant should have. Italians, or in this case Sardinians, tend not to care as much for making the place shine, and instead they make it up with the food and the vibe.

People were coming in constantly and had to be turned away, as it was full for the rest of the night.

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But enough about the vibe, let’s talk about the food! The menu was varied: pasta, risotto, fish, gluten free, vegan, meat – you name it! You will have to take your time to choose, because everything seems great. And that’s fine, because nobody really cares if you’re there a while and the waiters give you plenty of space and time.

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We started off with Stuzzichini (appetizers) from which we had Olive Marinate and Pane Guttiau (thin crisp bread with rosemary, garlic and oil). And of course a bottle of white house wine, which was Sardinian. I would recommend having antipasti or Stuzzichini, as you will wait for your main meals for around 45min.

We did think that it was slightly long, especially if you are hungry. But we were in a good mood, chatting away, enjoying the wine and appetizers and participating in the vibe that the Akentannos people created.

It is worth the wait. It really is. Because the food you will experience is on another level! And you won’t need to wear a suit or a fancy dress to come here.

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First on the list – Salmone Aromatizzato. Pan fried salmon, basil, garlic, rosemary, thyme and a little bit of chilli. Topped with asparagus and served with potato puree flavoured with pecorino. I thought that the potato puree would be slightly odd, but it wasn’t. It complimented the salmon fantastically. It was truly a delight. This was Ellie’s choice and as always I liked hers better!

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I had Pescatrice in Agliata. It is completely different to what Ellie had but under no circumstances was it worse.

It was monkfish cooked in red wine with capers that were so intense in flavour and sun dried tomatoes which gave such zest that I can remember even now. The bread it comes with might make you a bit stuffed, especially if you had bread appetizers. But it was great for mopping up the sauce!


My verdict would be simple: it was great.

We were celebrating our anniversary, we were in no rush and at the end of the night the chef came out to ask us about our meal. What else do you need! A perfect evening.

Yes it is not the cheapest place, nor do you need to go there every day, but for occasions or celebrations with your family, this is the place to go.

Most importantly they made us feel at home, which I value the most.


Thank you for reading and enjoy

Augustinas 😘 and Ellie 🤗

Review of: Akentannos Sardinian Restaurant & Bar

270 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield S11 8ZH 


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