Stew & Oyster. Kelham Island

It was a great weekend! After all the hiking and exploring we decided that it was time to try something new – Stew & Oyster. It opened doors only a month or so ago and it is already gaining reputation.

Kelham Island has already created a hipster scene with Sofar Sounds, Peddler market and new business groups such as Krynkl. And now this!

Stew & Oyster is something new or at least re-discovered. Right in the heart of Kelham, you will see that all the buildings around are either new constructions or old industrial structured that need a lot of work.

But despite taking the risk and opening a bar/restaurant in an old industrial building, I think it was a great move. Combining old and new, it felt like a combination of English and Scandinavian. I’ll tell you what I mean.

I think there will be a lot of development around this building, and Stew & Oyster will be right in the middle of it.

English style bar. I admit we had gin, but just because of the variety on offer. But, if you’re looking for ales, there are 21 taps of beer. We’ll try some of those out on our next mission. This time we were more curious about the food. 🍺 🎏

Interior design felt a lot like a Scandinavian home with simple yet stylish shapes, art and furniture. And at first when we walked in, it felt a bit like a night-out-ish place. But after we settled in, it felt more like a place to meet, catch up and have a beer with friends. Which is fab.

Now then – food! I am not an expert on oysters, but I had to try it. I had 3 different types and all of them were fastinating to my taste buds. There was only one issue – me. I am not experienced in this, but I’ll try my best to improve. A good idea for the bar would be a quick three step guide on how to eat oysters, as not everyone will know!

But I was happy I tried it. It was more of a delicacy and the fact that they get it from J.H Mann, a local fishmonger, makes it even better! After 3 oysters I still felt hungry. Lucky for us you can opt to get half a dozen oysters or move your way towards a stew 🍲

This one is Ellie’s choice – Gammon & Leek. It’s been a while since I’ve tried such a good hot pot. The texture and the creamy sauce was great.

And since I was still hungry, I chose Lamb Hot Pot. It wasn’t as creamy as the gammon & leek, but the wine and mint sauce really makes up for it. And if that’s not enough, you will find bacon in there too!

No matter which one you pick from the list, I doubt you’ll get it wrong. All of the combinations sound delicious. Very impressive comfort food!

It is different but in a very good way. It very much belongs in Kelham Island. The fact that these guys not only decided to step out of the comfort zone but also work with local businesses and suppliers, shows how Sheffield they are.

Verdict: Great atmosphere, friendly people, even better food. We will come back for more – not only food, but beer too!

As always, thank you for staying tuned in!

Augustinas 😚🍲

Review of: Stew & Oyster, Bar and restaurant

Green Ln, Sheffield, S3 8SE

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