Barcelona in the night

Barcelona is fabulous in many different ways and I could talk about it for hours but the reality is – anywhere you’ll go will be a new experience. So instead of dreaming about how majestic Parc Güell and Sagrada Família is let me tell you how much fun you can have around Barcelona – especially at night!

Let me start with Fat Tire bike tours. These guys are great and if you want to get the main attractions out of the way – this is your ticket! But the actual fun we had was cycling with these people from all over the world. Lawyer, pharmacist, media executive, a lady that completes iron man challenges and one great guide. The tour around Barcelona was great but the actual perks were getting tips from the guide who lives locally and knows places to go.

Lets start with El Nacional, which is a delight. Not cheap but it will definitely be a good start to your night! Our good friend Merritt from the USA suggested this and it didn’t disappoint.

It looks like a shopping market but with seriously beautiful interior design. Because the building is big, you can have a chance to have cocktails, tapas or anything else you desire. So us three decided to have a quick drink before we set off on our adventure.

Another great suggestion by Merritt was Milk Bar & Bistro in the Gothic Quarter. If you are still hungry and thirsty we are in the right place. 

They have a wide selection of cocktails and tapas. I could try explaining the cocktails, but I’ll just say it is delish and the place is very good if you want to sit down and have some nice drinks and food and enjoy the evening. But we are moving on, because we are far from done!

Next, we came across Numero Nueve. It’s a cocktail bar and a good one! The bartenders will come to you and suggest cocktails based on your preferences, so you don’t need to push around the bar.

The selection is great and prices are between €7-10. They had a few variations of cocktails based on around 4 main spirits. Plenty to choose from in terms of gin, whiskey, vodka and tequila. It was pretty busy but the only tourists were us, which was fun. 

Despite being tourists, Merritt speaks fluent Spanish so it was way easier for us. We even got free shots because of his charm!

There are some seriously luxurious drinks there. Ellie’s drink even had a basil leaf on top which made her very happy 😂 I would suggest that you step out of your comfort zone and try something you never drink. I had a brandy and chocolate cocktail which was quite heavy and powerful but I would love to have it again. 

After quite a few cocktails we wandered into Creps al Born. This is a good place to have cocktails and shots. It has a party vibe, with music playing pretty loud and the bar was packed the whole time we were there. The bartenders are pros and very friendly. In here you will meet tourists, but who cares at this point, you are already drunk and it doesn’t matter 😂

We had some seriously strong stuff and I would say that this should be one of your stops, at least for a quick one. Most places in Barcelona will have cocktails priced between €7-11, which is fairly reasonable.

At the end of the night we ended up in a pastry shop next door which is open 24/7 and had a 🍕 

This city never sleeps, so even if you don’t go to these specific places, you will find great alternatives in El Born or Gothic quarter. 

My tip would be meet people, ask locals and go out! It is great and very friendly out there.

I hope this helps 😎  

And don’t forget to check out the Barcelona food places that Ellie suggested. I think finding good food places is harder than cocktail bars!

Love, Augustinas 😘

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  1. Asta Slu says:

    Makes me wanna visit Barcelona!


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