Road Tripping Lithuania

Now that you know all about Lithuanian foods, it’s time to tell you about the places to visit and amazing stuff to get up to whilst you’re there! On our first trip to Lithuania, back in March, we did a lot of the cultural stuff in Vilnius city centre, so we were excited to get on the road this time and see more of what the country has to offer. I’d say renting a car is a must, to really see how stunning the countryside is and get access to all the attractions across the country.

Come along for the ride 😉

The first night we landed in Vilnius, we went to Loftas Fest, which is a music festival in the city centre. Sheffield people – think Tramlines, but all squeezed into a little industrial centre. 

The music was random, but fun. We had Icelandic rappers, an old German man with a synth, a Lithuanian pop/rock star who the crowd went wild for, amongst others. We just attended the free areas, but I believe there are more stages if you get a wristband. 

Loftas Fest is a yearly event, so if you ever happen to be visiting around September, try and check it out. There were dance off stages, shopping stalls, light up swings, food and drink and phycadelic light areas to take that perfect Insta shot in 🤳 the whole thing was just fun for the senses and we had a blast. 

After a few days in Vilnius we hit the road to drive across the country, destined for the coastline by the Baltic Sea. On the way we stopped here, the Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology. Apart from making a great backdrop for photos, on a clear day you can see for miles and miles, overlooking this part of Lithuania which is covered in over 300 lakes! 

We didn’t stay for long as it was drizzling, but on a clearer day it would be pretty impressive. Entry was only a few euros. 

This shot is from one of my favourites from the road trip, the Treetop Walk. 1 Euro entry. It’s 34 metres up in the air and the views are stunning. Just try not to freak out when you look down 👀

Along the walk, there are placards which have lines from the Lithuanian poem ‘The Forest of Anykščiai’, which made famous the forest that the path is situated in. Poetry, literature and music is a really big part of their culture. You get amazing views of the Šventoji River and it made me realise for the first time what Augustinas is on about when he talks about his love and connection with nature and how beautiful his country is. 

Next up, something slightly less romantic! The Hill of Crosses, located in the north of the country, near the city of Šiauliai. Although this kind of creeped me out, the story behind it is quite impressive. 

The first crosses were placed here to commemorate lives lost in the 1831 uprising. In subsequent years, the Russians would tear or burn the crosses down. But every time, the Lithuanian people would come together and rebuild it bigger than before. It’s now estimated to have over 100,000 crosses which, when you see it in real life, is not surprising. 

After a few adventures, we reached the coast! We stayed in Klaipėda, and went across on the ferry to a place called Nida. Klaipėda was nice enough but there wasn’t lots to do on a cool September day. Nida was the one that impressed me. 

Just look how cute! This is a traditional Lithuanian wooden house and you can spot these all across the country, in different colours.

Nida was extremely peaceful and calm, but in the height of summer it is the place to be! People swarm to the beaches to soak up the sun and the views. If you’re there, make sure to walk across the dunes, see the lighthouse, grab some pastries and just generally relax. 

Along the coast from Klaipėda is Palanga, another coastal town which fills in summer. We dipped our toes in the freezing Baltic Sea, wandered around the huge Botanical Park where the amber museum is located, played crazy golf and had an amazing dinner. 

Time to go back to Vilnius! 

As I said in the last post about Lithuania, going to see something at the National Opera and Ballet theatre is a must. These chandeliers are breathtaking and the whole theatre is this grand. They have Art Deco style bars serving champagne and tiny hot chocolates you eat with a spoon. Everyone dresses in black tie and the carpets are a lush, deep red. It is glamorous, cultured and just a total treat. 

Tickets aren’t expensive and the Ballet we saw there was the best we’ve ever seen! 

So that pretty much sums up our September travels! From Barcelona, to Milan, to travelling across Lithuania, we had some delicious food, made crazy fun memories and met brilliant people from all around the world. 

Time to plan the next trip 🌍✈️ Where would you recommend? 

Thanks for reading!


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