Broomhill’s Butcher & Catch

It’s quite hard to keep track of all the new places opening in Sheffield and unfortunately some of them closing at the same time. Ecclesall road has had quite a few blows recently with restaurants and bars closing. But it’s not all bad, as it makes room for more innovative and potentially even more passionate independent businesses. This brings us to a new face in Broomhill – Butcher & Catch. Opening around a month ago, it caught our eye with a great offering of seafood, fresh produce and a strong Sheffield attitude. So stick around and we’ll tell you more!

Interior & Vibe 

Warm, Casual & Hipster…

We visited Butcher & Catch on a Sunday evening. Everything was easy, relaxed and no pressure. The place itself is huge and the interior is quite hipster with wooden tables and fairy lights adorning the walls. But instead of light neutrals, the walls are vibrant reds, blues and yellows, which adds a splash of character. It seems the type of place that strikes a balance between casual and special – the difference will depend on you and the kind of evening you want.

The menu starts with some delicious appetisers and quickly escalates to meat and seafood, which is the real deal in this place. Butcher & Catch assures you that their produce is from local farmers and fisherman and speaking of which, we noticed that the beers hailed from local Abbeydale and Kelham Island breweries and Sheffield Dry gin is the favoured choice in many of their great cocktails.

Drinks & Service 🍹

Local Gin, local Beer and great Chat…

There is a lot to choose from not only food wise but drinks too. Luckily enough we met Tom, who served us that evening. Having bartender experience in other countries and actually running his own bar – he was more than happy to create an off-the-menu cocktail for us. All we needed to do is to say what we like and minutes later we had two amazing gin cocktails made with Sheffield Dry. It is so nice to come to a place where staff won’t fake it, and instead will go the extra mile for you.

  • Gin with local lemon honey, ginger, grapefruit and Fentiman’s grapefruit tonic (£7)
  • Gin with raspberries, mint, lemon grass, ginger and tonic (£7)

And the best part – the cocktails were 2 for 1. Wooooo!

Main Course 🍜

Seafood & Vegetarian treat…

At this point I have to state that we visited Butcher & Catch during the month where Ellie was vegetarian and I was pescatarian (more on that later!). But despite that, we did enjoy our visit. I treated myself to mussels, which tasted fresh and tangy in cider and mustard sauce. There are only a few places in Sheffield that do delicious and fresh mussels and now B&C is one of them. I would like a larger variety, but the menu is due to change soon, so our hopes are high.

Ellie had the butternut squash, mushroom & pesto filo pastry tart. It was delicious and perfectly seasoned, and you got a side to go with it included in the price. She chose ramen noodles, which were a bit disappointing as they were fairly bland and cold. The tart itself was worth attention, but a different side dish would probably work better.

  • Butternut squash, Mushroom & Pesto Tart served with spiced ramen noodles (£13)
  • Cider & Mustard Steamed Mussels with sweet potatoes and mushroom sauce (£15)

Finishing Touches 🍮

Sweet, sweet and no regrets…

After our main meal we had a dilemma with desserts. We usually don’t feel the need for them but at the end I managed to convince Ellie into having some. And it didn’t disappoint. All desserts are made by them and they tasted fantastic. The soft smooth texture of the chocolate mousse and the sticky rich banana and date toffee sponge was something to die for! Or at least to forget your diet for a moment. It is definitely something that we would come back for, just to have a coffee and dessert.

  • Banana & Date Toffee Sponge (£4)
  • Chocolate & Frangelico Mousse, Hazelnut Praline (£4)

Prices are stated as £4 because ice cream is £1 extra and although we didn’t ask for it, we didn’t mind because it tasted so nice.

We were pleased to finally visit Butcher & Catch and to meet such nice people. We will come again and next time we might try the meat dishes which look great.


Delicious, Very Sheffield and Sweet…


Attention to detail & freshness of food, desserts and Tom’s excellent cocktails were the things that made the night. Butcher & Catch are passionate about what they do and supporting local businesses is something that we value.

The place might not be super vegetarian friendly (obviously… it’s called butcher and catch for a reason), but we are super excited to go back and try the meat after our month of vegetarianism is over. So if you are up for a date, nice drinks or romantic evening – Butcher & Catch will deliver.


So far we had some great  foods from places like Akentannos, delicious desserts from Eve’s Kitchen and of course great addition to all that from Butcher & Catch , but there is yet so much to come!

Thank you for reading,

Augustinas 😘

Review of: Butcher & Catch

199-203 Whitham Rd, Sheffield S10 2SP

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