Tamper at Sellers Wheel

Before I moved to Sheffield, Tamper was the first place I visited. It might sound silly, but I think it could have been part of the reason I wanted to live here! I loved the coffee, food and vibe that it had. And it still feels the same. Two years have passed and the Kiwi Cafe culture is producing way more than any other cafe does. I have visited Ozone Coffee Roasters where Tamper gets their coffee from, and even they can’t pull off the menu like Tamper does.

Coffee Culture

Third wave, roasted, delight…


Coffee is without a doubt – great. All the coffee comes from Ozone coffee roasters in London and it is fantastic. Since the beginning, you could get your favourite cup using a variety of brewing techniques: chemex, v60, kalita and many more. And if you are not at all into that, they can make a good flat white or cappuccino. You will be shown which coffee beans they have and will adjust to your preference.

I get my fix there quite often and sometimes even buy the beans to brew at home. As a coffee place it does fall into my top list of cafes. And competes with the ones I have written about previously – But First. Coffee.

Price: £2-3 a cup.


Food of Comfort

Breakfast, Lunch and much more…


Breakfast and Lunch at Tamper seems to attract a lot of people and for good reason. From Eggs Benedict to Trout with chorizo mash, combinations that should not go together goes way better than you can imagine. The chefs in Tamper definitely know what they are doing.

Over the many times my friends and I have vistited, the menu is always different, but it never disappoints. It is always delicious and way beyond expectations.

Considering how delicious the food is, the price is reasonable: £7-10 a meal.


After Hours

Secretly, Delicious and unexpected…


Every Friday night from 5pm-11pm, Tamper serves up restaurant level food and cocktails. On a rare occasion we go to the same place time and time again for food, but Tamper after hours became our place for special occasions.

The menu changes every month or two, with the kitchen trying different dishes from fish, meat, vegetarian, vegan or even tapas style. The cocktails range from classic espresso martinis to more unique creations like fig and cinnamon gin twists.

The food is absolutely restaurant grade. Always beautifully presented, hot and with an amazing mix of flavours. Something that always strikes us is how noticeable the quality of the ingredients is, which is something that we don’t experience much at other places. It is amazing how a cafe can transform itself into a restaurant for an evening and attract a full house every time.

Price range:

  • Cocktails £6-9
  • Food £7-14 (depending on menu)




Verdict: For coffee, for breakfast or lunch and also for a romantic meal on a Friday evening. Everyone will like it, especially for a important occasion. Just make sure you book a table!


Review of: Tamper at Sellers wheel 

149 Arundel St, Sheffield S1 2NU

Tamper Coffee

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