Veggie POM Kitchen

It is great to see the vegan & vegetarian scene expanding in ever growing Sheffield. And what’s even more exciting is that people love it. Cafes and breakfast places are always full and most of the times you might not even get a table. There are still not enough vegan cafes & restaurants in town, but that’s a great start. As you might already know, recently we decided to pursue a vegetarian diet and explore a world that is new to us. This means not only cooking veggie food, but also hitting the hottest cafes & restaurants in town. So lets start with POM Kitchen!

POM Interior & Coffee

Pink, very cute & even more hipster…


Yes you can have vegan coffee (oat/almond/soy milk) with your vegan food, but there is a regular version too! The coffee itself is great and can pull off a flat white like any other great coffee shop in town like Marmadukes or Tamper coffee. So thumbs up to them ’cause it’s not easy to froth the milk with soy or barista oatly milk, which usually turns into granules when it hits the coffee!

The interior is like most trendy places or coffee shops with wood, exposed light bulbs and an almost Ikea-like feel. But who doesn’t like that! There is a dominating pink colour and a variety of plants which makes the place feel very cosy. Despite the tables being quite close to one another it doesn’t feel intrusive.

Prices of coffee: £2.5-£3.5


POM Food

Earthy, fresh bread & yum yum yum…


We have visited POM kitchen on two separate occasions. First time Ellie and Olivia tried POM rainbow bowls which were: ”Surprisingly flavoursome and filling with different textures”. And round no.2 was myself and Tiff with butternut squash, focaccia and couscous salad. On both visits we were all impressed considering that all four of us are a mix of vegan, vegetarian & meat-eating people.

In POM you will be able to have a coffee with vegan cake or if you want you can opt in for a nice ”meaty” brunch or salad with fresh bread.

It used to be hard for us to force ourselves to go to places such as POM kitchen as you would think that if there is no meat you won’t feel full and satisfied. But places like POM or Make No Bones bring vegan & vegetarian ”A game” to the table.

Prices of food: £6-12

It is quite hard to tell you the exact price as it will vary on deals that day or how hungry you are, but prices are reasonable considering the quality of food you’re getting.


Thank you to Olivia coming from Leeds and Tiff all the way from Bristol, to help us with this!


Verdict: We all agreed that it is a nice place for breakfast or lunch on a sunny Saturday with coffee and food being a great start to your healthy weekend. Staff are very friendly and prices don’t bite either, so we will be coming back!


Review of: POM Kitchen, 388 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield

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