Mr. Miyagi Sushi and Noodle Bar

If you’re looking for Japanese food in Sheffield, Mr Miyagi on Division Street is a great choice! Recommended by our friends, this popular restaurant has a revolving sushi bar and a menu full of delicious options for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. We went out for a midweek meal and had an absolute feast. There almost wasn’t room on the table for all the food that we ordered!

2018-09-15 10.32.59 1.jpg


We had 2 meat eaters, 2 vegetarians and 1 vegan, and we were all completely spoiled for choice. The menu consists of a lot of sushi (there’s a separate menu for that – they take sushi seriously!), salads, rice dishes, fried rice, ramen, fried noodles, soups, gyoza, tempura, bento boxes, skewers, stone pot dishes and sides. So be prepared to spend a bit of time going over the menu before choosing! There are also special deals on different days of the week so worth looking out for that.


The service was good, with the staff being attentive but not pushy, and also very on the ball when it came to vegan/vegetarian requests and allergies. Our friend Wemmy asked for her dish to be prepared vegan and they did so without question, which is always nice to see.

Food of Choice

I went for the vegetarian ramen which comes with 4 vegetable gyoza for just £7.80. Absolute bargain. I can never say no to ramen! The bowl of ramen was huge, one of those types that no matter how much you try, it just doesn’t seem to reduce in volume. The noodles, vegetables and soft-boiled egg were tasty but the broth could have been a little more flavoursome. However the gyoza that came with it were SO nice.

2018-09-15 10.32.58 1.jpg
Vegetarian Ramen with Gyoza

I also ordered a side of deep-fried tofu with chilli, salt and pepper. If you go – order this. It is so delicious, I don’t think any description will do it justice!

Make sure to look through the sides on the menu as there are some really special options that I hadn’t tried before. I won’t name all the dishes that we had between us, but the ones that stood out were the Japanese Fried Tofu, Chilli and Salt Tofu, Japanese Teppan Aubergine and our friend Corrie had a sticky pork dish with steamed rice that looked delicious if you’re a meat-eater! I’m not a huge sushi fan myself, but the platters on our table looked really nice quality and our friends ordered seconds so they must have been good!

2018-09-15 10.33.01 1.jpg
Deep Fried Avocado Salad, Sushi and Sides
2018-09-15 10.33.00 1.jpg
Fried Rice, Miso Broth, Teppan Aubergine

The Verdict

On the whole, the dishes were very tasty, very good value for money and we got leftovers for lunch the next day so a win all round. Only thing to remember – it is cash only so remember to get some out before you go. A great place for a casual meal, particularly good if you are a group with lots of different dietary requirements and preferences.


Review of Mr Miyagi Sushi and Noodle Bar, 74 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GF

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