Aeropress: The ultimate travel brewer

I wanted to talk about Aeropress for a while, but hesitated. Probably because it wasn’t my favourite brewing method like v60 or maybe because I didn’t feel that ceremonial like with Chemex.

But recently, I’ve started taking the Aeropress with me and even bought extra gadgets like Fellow Prismo and got Porlex Mini grinder from my friend Paul. This made me realise the versatility and benefit of this magnificent tool.

Stay with, I will give you a quick explanation and a recipe at the end.

Just a bit of history.

Aeropress came to light in 2005 by Alan Adler. The guy who also invented and patented 40 creations in electronics, optics and aerodynamics. So basically knew what he was doing. And to be fair, 16 years later Aeropress barely changed. With a new questionable addition Aeropress Go. Not sure why you need even smaller item than Aeropress for travel, but I will refrain from critising. After all, there is a world championship dedicated for finding the best brew recipe for Aeropress.

Over the years it somewhat became a travellers tool and every speciality or at least a decent coffee loving person had one.

So did I. But mine ended up on the shelf for a few years.

Early days.

I first bought it a few years ago when I’ve watched Stump town coffee’s tutorial. I still think it’s the best one out there. This was during the peak of my obsession with coffee brewing tools. And then it ended up on a shelf for a few years. But knowing myself I knew that the day will come. A few months ago I picked it up and started brewing.

And brewed with it, and loved it, and hated and loved it again. Until I actually don’t mind using it. I don’t think it will ever be my no.1 brewer, but it will be no.1 for travelling or even at work. Because that’s what it was made for.

At home I use other methods that suit me, but for trips this will be my go to tool. One slight note, I have recently got myself a Fellow Prismo for Aeropress after I’ve watched James Hoffmann’s review. The review itself did not sell it as a worthwhile gadget, but I took a risk and paid £30. Aeropress itself costs £26, so call me a bit daft for not getting the message, but Prismo was a game changer, personally. But I will write a separate post on that.

So who is this for?

Well anyone really, but probably travellers. You could take this to work if you really can’t stand an occasional instant coffee, but be ready to look extra pretentious and explain yourself to colleagues every time you make a brew. But it is worth it.

I am slightly behind on automatic grinders and still use hand grinders like Porlex mini. It is a great tool, you get tired constantly working on fine grind, but Porlex will fit your Aeropress if you worry about the backpack space.

The purchase will include a travel bag, spoon and paper filters and Aeropress. I have replaced mine with a metal filter, just for sustainability purposes, but that’s a personal preference.

Overall, this brewer will produce a solid americano type drink. You will definitely enjoy your drink, but do play around with your grinder, as it took me a few weeks until I was happy with the consistency of the coffee. At the beginning the coffee was too bitter, lacked body, but slowly I’ve managed to achieve a well balanced brew.

I think if you are torn on buying or not, the answer is you should. Don’t buy additional gadgets yet, but if you have a grinder already you will not regret this. Quick note: If you are purchasing a pre-ground coffee in the store, some might be too coarse and other too fine, so if would be good to have your own grinder to play.

I will give you my recipe, but I would recommend playing with Aeroprecipe app. It gives you a variety of recipes to play with. Also World Aeropress Championship (WAC) will give you their participant recipes. Have a play.


Aeropress using an upright method and Darkwoods Coffee – Lamplight Decaf.

  • Coffee: 17g
  • Grind: 6/10 (1=very fine; 10=very coarse
  • Water: 230g at 80°C
  • Brewer: Upright
  • Filter: Metal/paper (rinsed)
  • Total Brew time: 1:15min


  1. Put the ground coffee at the bottom of your Aeropress chamber
  2. Start your timer
  3. Add 60g of water into the chamber and let it bloom
  4. Stir and wait for 35s
  5. Add 170g into the chamber
  6. Wait until 60s and then stir
  7. Place plunger at the top and and start pressing
  8. Stop when the coffee grounds are just visible above the the water line (Avoid the hissing noise).

Enjoy and see you soon,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna says:

    Aeropress Go is really useful if you want to have it at work etc. So you don’t buy the same Aeropress twice! Haha


    1. Pink Soup says:

      I totally agree! And I love how neat the cup is when packed. The only issue I’ve found that the you pack it in the cup the grinder doesn’t fit. But that’s if I am being extremely picky!


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