Fellow Prismo x Aeropress: Espresso-style

There are times when I would like to have an espresso shot or a nicely poured flat white. For a person without an espresso machine it can be tricky. Yet again I live in a fortunate area where speciality coffee is booming. And the café is just around the corner.

But if you are desperate there is an option: Fellow Prismo. While not an espresso it really is something different.

Before I dwelve into the details let me quickly go through the espresso problem.

Why not espresso machine?

While I would love a gaggia classic to play with, it comes with a few issues.

First and probably most important is the cost. For a person who works full time, spending £400 for a gaggia and then buying a grinder such as Wilfa Uniform for an additional £250 and then a bag of 250g coffee £7-10 every week. That might be a slight punch to finances.

Second, is the use itself. While it does look like a fabulous hobby, it can be a burden as well. If you wake up in the morning and want a quick bru you might need to slow down. You will wait for an espresso machine to warm up, clean the mess you made with the coffee and of course cleaning the machine itself. A lot of work.

Yet again, I am certain one day I will have that Gaggia. One day. But for now, I will go to a local café and leave my £3 to a skilled barista.

What do you get?

I have mentioned in the previous Aeropress review that the price was a bit punchy and the reviews were mixed. So I did spent £30. You get a metal filter and a Prismo. Also there are some instructions, but I had to upgrade them to get a bit more out of it. I will post my recipe at the end.

A few points about Prismo.

The crew that made Prismo clearly say espresso-style, which technically is not an espresso. Nor it will be. Simply because you need 9 bar pressure to create an espresso and human hand won’t pull it off.

But, espresso or not, unless you are particular about espresso technique or crema, this might just take the edge off.

It did for me. I was genuinely impressed with the body, the peaking sweetness and not over powering acidity. And just to put everything in the mix I’ve made it with a decaf.

Yes or No?

I will say Yes. Definitely. I will summarise why.

  1. The shot that you pull tastes amazing. Espresso or not.
  2. The filter makes it easy to use Aeropress in general in upright technique.
  3. Compact and easy to clean.

I am likely to use it instead of original Aeropress filter, as it makes the process so much easier.

Recipe for Prismo.

While Prismo team gives a recipe I have found it to be slightly short on volume.

Using an upright method and Darkwoods Coffee – Lamplight Decaf.

  • Coffee: 21g
  • Grind: 2/10 (1=very fine; 10=very coarse)
  • Water: 70g at 90°C
  • Brewer: Upright
  • Filter: Prismo/Metal
  • Total Brew time: 1 min


  1. Put the ground coffee at the bottom of your Aeropress chamber
  2. Start your timer
  3. Add 70g of water into the chamber
  4. Stir for 15s and wait up to a total of 60s
  5. Insert the plunger and press to the very bottom
  6. Make sure you push to the bottom and hear the hiss.

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